What Is Missing From This Moment?

You now have focused on the present moment.  Pay attention to what you’re about to read.  Be in the moment.  Take a deep breathe.  Now…

-What do you desire to see, read or learn from a blog/website?

I’m ready and willing to hear your heart’s cry and begin a new blog based on the answers to this question.  So take your time.  Post what truly want and need.  I’m listening.  Christ is ready to pour out a blessing and bring a glory to His name.  We are all going to be a part of it.  We are stewards of this glory.  Each person will get what they desire and need.  I have no doubt God is going to walk with us all in this journey.

We are co-createing a legacy with Christ Jesus.  Are you ready?  Be honest and tell me..



Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is….?

frustration word in letterpress typeI ask a lot of questions.  I’m constantly seeking the truth and I will knock on doors until I’m satisfied with the level of freedom that’s promised to me through Christ Jesus.

So here are a few:

Are you born a sinner?  Or are you created in the image of God?

Is Christ here now? Or is, Christ yet to come?

Jesus compels me.  His walk was met with constant frustrations.  From birth he was sentenced to execution by decree of the king to kill every child of his age in the land.  He was even born into frustration.  I wonder if God, His Father, forgot to make reservations at the Inn that glorious night.  Remember, there was no room at the Inn?  Come on God?  It’s Jesus, your Son, born of a virgin Mary.  For sure You saw this coming right?

Jesus comes to be baptized by John and is immediately led into frustration, the temptations of Christ.  Read Luke 4.

His frustrating life never once led him to ask, “Is this Your will for my life Father (God)?”  Instead, Jesus says, “I made manifest Your Name… I declared Your word, I did Your works…” John 5:17

Everything Jesus did was to lead people to encounter the Father.

When Jesus proclaims the very Word of God in the house of God, he is again, condemned to death by the zealous religious leaders who heard Him declare, “… today this scripture is fulfilled…”

Constantly, Jesus demonstrates kindness and never once does He condone sin.  You too, can do this!

You are called to reveal the Father as Jesus demonstrated.  During our frustration, we are encapsulated in a lifestyle of total dependance on Christ.

When Jesus healed people, the religious would say, “It’s the devil doing these works.”  Did that stop Him?  Clearly not.  He goes on to cleanse the leaper and sets the demon possessed free and is again frustrated by all who say He does this in collaboration with the one who is actually causing these things, Satan.

Frustration causes you to adjust your thinking.  You learn to repent. Turning your mind from the frustration and toward Christ.

Go to John 20 with me…

Jesus has died (talk about frustrating) and is resurrected.  Mary M is the first to see Him and grab ahold of Him.  Jesus says, “I haven’t gone to the Father yet.”

The unclean one (Mary M.) is the first to touch him.  We call Jesus, “The first born from the dead.”   The first to touch Him upon His birth is Mary, His mother.  She is pure (a virgin).  How things change through frustration.  It used to be that if any “unclean” person touched you, you became unclean.  Now, if Jesus touches an unclean person, they become pure!  

Jesus walks through the walls to where the disciples where waiting in fear of the Jews.  Jesus says, “Peace be with you.”  He shows them his wounds.  Jesus says, “Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, I send you.”  That’s you!!!

Now… If we are sent like Jesus is sent, then we can expect the frustration that He encountered to be a part of our lives.  It’s a family inheritance.  We are in the family business.  The Kingdom.

Can I suggest something simple?  If you are experiencing “frustration” first, it’s part of the deal… Second, put it in perspective.  Are you condemned to death upon birth?  Is there a constant threat of your life every time you declare the word or heal someone?

Probably not.  Even so, if you’re truly under the same persecution and frustration of Christ Jesus, then you are demonstrating the Father and His love.  Wow!  Let’s keep talking about frustration and put it in perspective.  It’s glorious and filled with Christ.

PS.  Share your thoughts here.  What areas are you honestly frustrated with.  Big or small.  Share.  We can all learn as one body.

Coaching Your Spirit

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