How to Grow in the Prophetic – 21 Ways By Brent Engelman

Is God truly looking for people that will listen for His voice?

I believe prophecy is a necessity for the Body of Christ and to the lost and dying world.  This is not a novelty.  We are learning the skill-set and practicing how to hear His voice.  The world searches for a people that are differentiated in one specific way, that they truly hear the voice of God.

This is validated through the prophetic and word of knowledge.  When you have a word of knowledge and you speak accurate prophecy or a word of knowledge to somebody, it opens up their heart.  I want to give you a quick example.

A young man, whom I’d never met before, was at a men’s prayer meeting.  I began to receive prophetic words for him.  The Lord was speaking intimately into my head and into my imagination—and I want to be clear on how that works.  As I began to ask the Lord what he was showing me, I saw a young woman in his life, a blonde-haired woman.   She had caused him much turmoil.  The Lord really wanted to set him free from this relationship.

It took all night for me to see the timing of the Lord and gain the courage from the Lord to actually speak this.  As I said to him, “the Lord is showing me this blond woman who has really caused turmoil in your life,” he began to weep.

He said, “I’ve spent 20 years with a woman out of wedlock; she’s got blond hair.”  I said, “Say no more, because the Lord has more for you.  God wants to break off the double-mindedness that she had brought into your life because she is not born again.”  He said, “She is an atheist.”  I said, “You know this relationship has brought you a constant questioning of both your faith and your Savior.”

And as I began to break that off of him, we literally felt the room shake and the man’s weight be lifted from him. I tell you that story not to impress you, but to simply impress upon you that freedom and liberty for others lies in the WORD OF GOD, the prophetic words you get. My heart was for this man.  I could see his pain and discomfort of a broken relationship.  My heart was to set him free.

When your heart is to set people free, it comes into alignment with the Father’s heart and He will stop at nothing to set people free.  Including using you.  That’s right, He will use you to set them free.  That’s why the prophetic is so important.

He is looking for people that will listen for His voice, “For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His…” (2 Chronicles 16:9 NASB).

 Grow by Presenting Prophecy. 

Discover three simple ways to grow in the prophetic.

Learn to present prophecy with humility, teachability, and patience.


If you can learn and desire to bring glory, not to yourself, but to the Lord, it’ll come a lot easier for you.  We are part of a nameless, faceless generation that always directs glory to Jesus and our goal is to be known in Heaven, not upon earth.

I want to tell you another story.

Some of my closest brothers in Christ have prayed together and have had, what I call,  “heavenly encounters” with the Living God, with Jesus.  I want you to know that the things that are done on earth, although they may not make you famous on earth, are recorded in Heaven.  Every single prayer, every single time you prophesy over somebody, every time you liberate somebody through salvation, it is recorded in a book, kind of like this teaching.

It’s literally in a book; I’ve seen it in the heavenly realms, where everything that you do is recorded for eternity.  You become famous in Heaven.  I want to tell you about those that are seated around the Throne Room of God.  They may not be people that you would suppose.

 In the Throne Room I saw those sitting closest to the Lord were mostly mothers.  That’s right, mothers who had prayed in salvation for their family, for their children, and for their neighborhood.  I’m talking about the mothers with humble and teachable and patient hearts.


We recognize that we see “in part” as prophets and that we need the rest of the Body of Christ in order to see more parts.  We are willing to receive instruction from others in administering revelation.  When I gave that man the word (about his blonde girlfriend), it was also confirmation to several of the men there.  They knew his story.  I did not.

All began to prophesy over him and he got radically set free.  We see in part.  According to First Corinthians 14:29, “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others pass judgement.”

The third key is Patience

We must be willing to be patient after we prophesy for the word to come to pass in God’s timing.  I say that a little bit tongue-in-cheek, knowing that God’s timing is ultimately upon us now.  He wants prophetic words to be birthed now.


I know a lot of you hear this Scripture in Matthew 10:41 and oftentimes it’ll come from the mouth of prophet who’s wanting to be received as a prophet.  I always find that amusing.  “He who receives a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward;…” (Matthew 10:41).

Let me tell you the revelation I see in that Scripture: if you receive the prophet in the name of the prophet and you receive the prophet’s reward–I’ve always wondered well, “what’s the prophet’s reward?”

The prophet’s reward, I believe, is that if you truly say yes and amen to a prophetic word from a prophet and receive that person as a prophet, not only do you get that prophecy, you get to give prophecy.  And the Word says that surely, “…It is [better] more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35).

So receiving a prophet is more than just listening to the word that is given.  Receiving involves placing value on the prophetic word and making room for that word in your life.  The reward comes as we properly receive the prophetic word we receive the anointing to see that word manifest, Amen?

Our reward must not be in the fruits of the word that we give, our reward must be based on that we are the ones that God speaks to.  We are the friends of God who receive revelation.  Our reward must always be His presence.

Many people misunderstand the definition of practicing the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  When Jesus sent the Holy Ghost to the Church in Acts, Chapter two, He released to us the same potential of anointing power and gifting that He walked in.

I want to repeat that: He released the same potential of anointing power and gifting that He walked in.  We do not practice so that the Holy Spirit can improve His gifts, but rather we practice to improve our ability to flow with what the Holy Spirit is doing.

If we minister only where we feel comfortable at, we will never grow in those gifts.  Many of you were probably very uncomfortable prophesying to people you’ve never met before.  Come on, who does that?  You do, I do, we do, in NBSSM.

Classrooms and prophetic schools are great training grounds and great places to go out on a limb with detailed prophetic word, but actually, so is the world. 

The more we practice, the more will recognize how God speaks to us.

John Wimber once said that,  “faith is actually spelled R-I-S-K!”  Risk.  When you step out in faith to take the risk that you maybe look like a fool and that whatever God’s shown you may not even be close, the more you practice, the closer you’ll get.

Second, we must absorb ourselves in the prophetic ministry.  When I recognize the desire to hear God’s voice, I focused on it and I went after it.  I would read everything I could get my hands on.  I started associating myself with prophetic people all over the world.  I went to prophetic conferences.  I sought out prophetic trainings and I know that’s your heart too, otherwise you wouldn’t be in the NBSSM.

If you ask, you will receive (Matt 7:7).  If you’re asking to hear His voice more intimately, and you’re asking to understand the prophetic better, He will not deny you.  Right now, you’re going to receive something.  I guarantee it, because you’re here. 

There’s some simple ways to grow in the prophetic.  These are some things that I’ve learned.  ASK GOD for any or all of the FOLLWING keys:  Activate This in your Life in the glory.


1. You’ve got to want it.  The Scripture tells us to earnestly desire the gifts, especially that you would prophesy.  Earnestly desire when properly translated means to lust after, to literally lunge after it with everything you have.  That means you place a high value on it.

2. When you begin to place a high value on hearing the intimate voice of God, not just for yourself, but others, God will deliver.

3. God is asking you to become a friend of Him and the bride.

4. This is a practical step.  Begin each day in listening and talking with God in your prayer time.  Begin the day.  Begin it.  Start it.  Tomorrow morning when you wake up, start tomorrow by listening and talking to God.

5. Soaking in God’s presence through music and meditation and prayer, I’ve learned to quiet my mind so that the Lord can tell me what He wants done.

6. I want you learn that you can renew your mind with the Word on a constant basis.  A lot of this will be repetitive for you, but I believe that it’s important for you to get these 21 steps so that you can grab ahold of them.

7. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Father, I pray right now, that if there’s any on here that have accepted You as Lord and Savior through the profession of their tongue that you are their Lord and Savior, yet have not asked for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, that Lord, that now they would say, “Jesus, I want Your Holy Spirit.  You died for me to have it.  He’s a friend and a helper.  I want to indwelled.  I want an indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  Would You come now?  I want Your indwelling Holy Spirit.”  For any of you that don’t have it, I urge you to pray that prayer so that you may have the Helper with you.

8. Being filled with the Holy Spirit helps you sanctify your imagination.  That everything that goes into your eye-gate and your ear-gate would be sanctified unto the Lord.

9. Become heavenly minded.

10. Position yourself for prophetic encounters, like this SCHOOL.

11. Make sure your motives are pure.  This is where we learn to seek the prophetic not for a selfish motivation, but to liberate and free others.

12. Walk in the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

13. Love above all.

14. Believe in the works that Jesus did, that you can do it as well.

15. Exercise and test your faith.  This is where I feel a lot of us maybe fail.  We can do 1-14 quite well, but to actually exercise and test our faith, we struggle with.  That internal struggle only comes by practicing. I like to use the word Train.  The first time you pick up a 40-pound dumbbell or weight, it’s very heavy.  But as you train with a 10-pound weight, and then a 20-pound weight, and then the 30-pound weight, and then a 40-pound weight, then a 50-pound weight, that 40-pound weight becomes light after a while.  You have to train and exercise prophecy.

16. Intentionally build relationships with prophetic people.  Now this is a key that I believe that many of you are at right now, both exercising and testing your faith and to purposely seek out relationships with other prophetic people within your body of believers or within your community.  Seek them out.

You can find people who want the prophetic because they’re usually hungry for God.  They are usually amazing worshippers; they worship like crazy.  They are usually as frustrated as you are, that nobody else is operating in the prophetic.  So you can see them from a million miles away.  They desire to hear God’s voice just like you do, but they desire to hear God’s voice through other people, like you do.  I encourage you right now, and I just pray this over you.

“Lord, O Father, Thank You.  I just declare over each person that they would begin to seek out a prophetic community and surround themselves, not only with people who hear Your voice, but people who want to better hear Your voice, and that those people would become a discernible and easy to see.  In Jesus mighty name.”  You start to seek them out and you will find them.

17. Be teachable.  Obviously many of you are reading this because you have that heart.  You’re willing to learn and willing to be taught.

18. Be accountable to spiritual mentors. There’s something about accountability and I’ll let the Lord reveal that to you, I don’t have the time in this article.

19. Be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

20. Trust the voice of the Holy Spirit.

21. Be obedient in the small things.  I want to give you one quick piece here. I believe that many of you are cautious of the prophetic because you feel like God will give you some earth-shattering word.

You know, “Everybody in North Carolina needs to abandon the East Coast and move to Raleigh because there’s a hurricane coming,” or something.  Or some huge word and you don’t have the platform to deliver it.  Listen, God would only give you a word in which you have the platform to deliver it and for it to be received.

Also, if He gives a word of knowledge or a revelation, you become responsible for it.  So He knows what you’re capable of and what you’re capable of being responsible for.  So no more wondering, “Is this God or is this not God?”

If you’re sensitive to the Holy Spirit and you get a word, you release it at the platform that you have.  That’s being obedient in the small things. Be obedient in those small things because we know what happens.  Those things become larger.

These 21 things by themselves may seem like common sense.

It is a time that the Body learned to walk in this commonly.

By Brent Engelman

Say Yes and Everything Will Fall… Apart

When I said, “Yes” to God, I spent the next 18 months in rehab.

In late May 2010, I hear the voice of the Lord say, “Brent, this is the last time I will chose you. You can always say yes to me. This is the last time I will call you where you can fulfill your destiny, calling and purpose.”
I said, “yes.”

Deep down I knew everything was about to change. The following Monday, I lost my contracts (essentially being fired as a business owner). I have been self-employed since 1999. I had always told God, “when I make enough money, I will serve you.” That never happened. There is never enough money.

I woke every morning and began to pray. “Lord what does this look like to serve You. You called me. Here I am Lord.” I prayed and then would go to lunch. Come back, and get on my face, cry, and pray until dinner. Then after dinner, I would pray, cry and go to bed around 2:00am. This process went on for 18 months.

I had been so deeply rooted and engrained with the system of the world. The love of money had set in so deeply. I never intended that to happen. Yet, it happened, and the love of money is the root of all evil. I spent 18 months in rehab to remove the love of money.

You only know you’re in rehab when you get about half way through your time. Nine months into the “program” God revealed to me that I was getting better. My bank account and my wife were not so agreeable with the process.

I had to constantly be reminded, “God will provide all your needs according to His riches in Glory, in Christ Jesus.”
Then NO money would come in. We were spending savings to the tune of $5-7,000 per month. Ouch.
“Lord, I thought you would provide” I would say?
He replied, “where did the savings come from?” It was He that provided the savings to begin with…

We have an international ministry. We get to travel the world ministering the gospel. We have a global internet ministry The Prophetic Training and are co-pastors at The Church at New Bern. He has launched a business that was birthed out of over a dozen prophetic words.
The business is called Apply Guard. I want to encourage you in something.

Watch Apply Guard grow and prosper. He is going to do it for us and He can do it for you.

Say “YES” to Him.

Let Him so arrange your steps that you get stuck on a series of divine encounters. Where you literally know what it is like to live in the Kingdom. Natalie, my wife, and I are now just beginning to explore by faith.

He wants to birth something amazing in you, through you. It’s so good. Just say “yes”.
I get asked all the time… “Brent, are you in full time ministry?” I reply, “No, I just quit everything else.”
God is so good when we give up on “our way.” Let Him.
-Brent Engelman

God Will Shut Down Entire Airports for You

What a day. Drove up to Moravian Falls last night to do an interview. This is 5 hours from New Bern, just outside of Charlotte. We have myself, Natalie Everington EngelmanMelanie ThompsonLukas Allyn Wood and my two children in the care. When we get to Raleigh, I realize… I left my book bag. Which contains my iPad, Bible, speaking notes and important personal items. No worries right. Well I almost got sick.
So… Email Sam Buick the MacMan. He has all the techy gadgets and has an iPad with him. He says, “Just email me all the files. I will upload and format them for you on my iPad.” Praise God right?
We shoot an amazing interview with Larry Randolph last night and then proceed to drive the 1.5 hours to Charlotte to await my 9:30 am flight to Canada. Problem is…
I wake up at 5:45am to find I had left my Passport as well. No worries right? This may be “normal” for some of you. For me, I NEVER forget anything like this. Especially like this…. 
Ok, now we have to check flights to Canada out of Charlotte to find that over 800 flights are cancelled, lost, deleted, or plane ole’ messed up due to some computer error. Call the airlines. Repurchase an entire flight (Cheaper than changing flights) and now drive 5.5 hours back to New Bern, NC to catch a 6:00am flight out of EWN here in town.Image
What’s the moral of the story?
I needed my beautiful wife to point it out for me too. It’s a bit difficult to see the “silver lining” sometimes.
Natalie said, “Your heavenly Father is in control. He shuts down airports and reroutes your entire plan to save and protect you. I’m just glad you’re ok.”
Well… The perspective you take matters. The way you view your world and the events matters. Either they are always happening to you or events happen for you. I choose to see it from Natalie’s eyes.
Your Pappa God loves you so much that He will cause entire states to shut down the airports. He will allow you to lose that precious job, in order to move you into position to receive His best and your destiny. He’s that loving.
One more thing. I had prayed fervently, just Saturday, “Lord help me break my glass ceiling of being in control, and needing notes to speak.”
He delivers every time we speak. Just not the way you prefer…
Who needs to speak Life over themselves today? Just know, Pappa God is listening and He is moving all the pieces of your life for your good and His glory, because He loves you with an absolute love…
Brent Engelman

False Experiences Appearing Real

I took our family to Myrtle Beach this past week. The kids love the indoor watermark. The lazy river is my son, Lance’s, favorite. He’s about 42 inches tall, so the 3 ft water helps him feel comfortable. The arm floaty’s help too.
I kept asking him to go down the watersides with me. And he would refuse. All the other kids in the resort were enjoying them. Some even smaller than Lance.
It was then, I realized he had a fear. I asked, “Lance, why don’t you want to go down the watersides?” He hesitated and with a tremble said, “I’m scared daddy.”
I asked again, “Let’s just go down and have fun.” He got even more nervous and begin to cry a bit.
The tears of my son drove me to press in. “Lord, what is he afraid of?” I prayed. See, Lance had created an experience in his head, his imagination. He had seen himself going down the waterslide and having a horrific experience. For some reason, he does not like water to get in his face. So the waterslide, despite it’s epic fun, is going to get water in his face. He couldn’t see the joy of flowing down the twisting and turning slide with his dad. All he could see was the pain of having something that he does not like.
I often see the same fears grip grown adults. Not the water in the face. But rather, they project themselves into a false experience and then base the decision to not do something based out of the false image they have played out in their head.
I asked Lance, “How about I hold you and we go down together?” He refused and wanted to divert my attention to the lazy river. “Let’s go around again daddy”, he said. I refused. I knew this was bigger than a waterside. This was bigger than him getting water in his face.
“Lance, I want to teach you how to overcome fear. Is that a good idea?” I asked. He nodded “yes.”
“Here’s what we are going to do. I’m going to pick you up. Hold you. And we will go down the slide together. That way you can face your fear with me. You’ll be safe” I said. He agreed reluctantly and I swooped him up.
Up the stairs we went. Lance had a nervous excitement, as if he was trying to phyc himself up. That works sometimes, but it quickly faded as we got on top of the slide. “Your next, ” said the lifeguard.”
Lance was trying to get out of it by any means at this point. Then he realized that it was too late. We were on our way down the slide…
All I remember is hearing, “wool hooooo….” That sound was the sound of victory over F.E.A.R.

You see, the Real Experience did not measure up to the False one he had imagined. When we create false images in our head, no matter what we imagine, it creates a fear. This is why we are to keep our minds and thoughts on the “Higher” things.
FEAR or False Experiences Appearing Real is not our divine nature. Our minds are made to imagine wonderful, joyful things. We can overcome our fears simply by getting into our Father’s arms and going for the ride.
I promise you two things:
1. The image you had in your mind is almost always 100% wrong (false)
2. When you go with Pappa, you will say “woooo hooooo” and overcome through His confidence, not yours.
PS. He never went down the slide again that trip. And that’s ok. What’s important as we now have a point of reference for any fears he has in the future. I can say, “Lance, do you remember when we overcame fear by going down the waterslide in Myrtle Beach together?”
Your Pappa God wants to create a reference point with you today. What are you afraid of? Go down the slide with God, and watch what happens.
-Brent Engelman

Bend our Heart, Melt the Steel

You’ll laugh at this…
I’m ministering on Sunday. I feel led to share testimony after testimony of those I’ve personally seen healed. I go on for about 25 minutes. I get a prophetic word for someone with shoulder pains. This 235lb football player comes limping up. I ask him, “What do you need prayer for?”
His shoulder is injured. We prayed. Then I get a word of knowledge for his ankle. He agrees that it too needs to be healed. Then he shocks me. He says, “I have a steel plate locking my ankle in place to my leg. It can’t move and I have a lot of pain.”
Here’s the funny part. I had just given a dozen testimonies to build everyone’s faith in the meeting. I have never prayed for anyone with steel in their body (and seen them healed). I then realized why I was “led” to give all the testimonies. It was for me!
I had to recount the many cancers I’ve seen totally leave or dissolve, the lupus that was healed, the little girl on death’s door that totally recovered, the legs that have grown out, the people I’ve prayed for and they grew inches before my eyes, the cataracts that I’ve seen leave, the backs I’ve seen straightened and on and on…
Every time you pray for something that you have never seen healed before, you may hesitate. That’s ok. Just remember, God does not “rank” healings. Blind eyes, deaf ears, legs grown out, pain gone, steel plates dissolving or bending, it’s all the same to Jesus.
This man had no lateral mobility. Like when you sprain your ankle. His foot was bolted and molded to the leg bone so that it would NOT go that way.anklefracture
After taking a few deep breaths the nerves left me and the excitement for what God was about to do entered my heart. I began to speak to the steel and command it to dissolve. I commanded the trauma from the injury to flee and die. Then I heard the Lord say, “He needs to forgive himself for playing through the pain.” I asked the young hulking man, if this was true. He agreed and asked to forgive himself.
Nothing happened. He still could not move his foot. I prayed again and… nothing. “Lord, what are doing here?”
“Brent, let him simply stay in this chair and soak in my presence. You’ve done your part.” I hear clearly. I trusted the Lord and gave the man the instruction to simply stay in the “hot seat” for the service. He did.
At the end of the meeting, I prayed for everyone. Many were healed, several received the indwelling and filling of the Holy Spirit (how cool is that?).
I had nearly forgotten about our football-friend. He did not forget about his need for healing. He approached me and said, “My shoulder is totally healed.” I asked him, “what happened on the inside of you.” He said, “when I forgave myself, I felt something warm in my chest.”
“Can you move you foot now?” I asked. He stood on one leg, pointed his injured steel bound foot toward my and began to move it in small circles! Praise God!
He looked at me and smiled. It was the first smile we had seen on this young man for a long time. Maybe ever.
It was then, when everyone was slain in the Spirit, on the floor, weaping and hugging and laughing, that the greatest physical transformation that I’ve seen God do… simply happened. No big hurrah. Just Jesus, a crippled man, and power.
It was then, that I knew… that healing miracle was for both of us. He needed to allow the Lord to melt and bend him. I needed to see that anything I ask in Jesus name, He will do.

Praise God. Jesus we lift your name on high.
-Brent Engelman

Declarations Over The Prophetic Training

The Prophetic Training has two declarations that the Lord has me speak constantly over it.
1. This is a Safe Place to get equipped and trained to hear the intimate voice of God.
2. There is NO punishment for Mistakes or Questions (even if the heart behind them is unkind).
I’m here to encourage you to grow in the gift of prophecy. This page is designed to engage you, challenge you, maybe even frustrate you a bit. That’s ok. We are called to sharpen one another. theprophetictraininglogoFINALv2
In the natural, when you swing your sword and strike something, the sword gets nicked and dented and dull. In the Kingdom of God, when you swing your sword, the sword becomes sharper, more honed and brilliant.
Swing your swords my friends. Just not at each other…
-Brent Engelman

God Looks Like a Freezer Full of Meat?

God looks like a Freezer full of Meat?
I minister locally and around the world (when invited). I never ask or make any prior financial arrangements. That’s between the Lord and those I’m ministering with.
You should be asking by now, “What does all that have to do with a freezer full of meat? And how are you going to show me that God looks like a freezer full of meat?” Well, good questions.
When I travel for ministry, I’m often honored with money or a “check”. This usually covers my cost to travel, eat, hotel and prayerfully a few dollars left over. It’s truly a blessing but really doesn’t reflect the Kingdom of God.
Now before you get too theologically upset, let me explain. Money is man’s invention. I’ve yet to be honored with gold or silver (something of heavenly creation). Money itself has a very difficult time being multiplied because it doesn’t belong in the kingdom of God.
“Brent, when are you getting to the meat thing?” Ok.
I pray with a group of pastors in the New Bern area. They all have a heart to see the kingdom advance. No agenda, just a true fellowship of kingdom minded men of God. They were praying for me one Wednesday morning. I guess it was obvious to the Holy Spirit that I was in “need”.
On my way home from prayer, I get a call from a Godly man. “Do you have a freezer Brent?” I thought that a strange question and answered directly, “No I do not.” He proceeded , “If I bring over some meat, can you find a place to keep it?” Again, I was direct, “Why, yes I can.”
He came over a few short hours later with three Coleman coolers, like the ones you take to the beach, filled with individually packaged cuts of meat. He unloaded it on my kitchen table. T-bones, New York Strip, Rump-roast… Now I’m no butcher, so the only way I could identify the meat was by the black magic marker labels on each package. The hamburger was easily identifiable. However, it was in huge five-pound packages.
This was the type of meat that I walk by in the deli section because it’s too expensive for a family of four with no income. He kept pulling it out until my kitchen table was a mound of steaks. We grabbed his coolers and proceeded to go back out to his car.
He was shook up a bit. I asked, “You ok?” He replied, “Yah, I just had to come over. The Lord came to me and told me to bring you this meat. I’ve never heard Him that clear before.” I said, “I understand.”
Natalie’s mom and step dad live about 30 minutes away and have a freezer in the garage they had empty. Natalie came home, saw the “cow” laying on our kitchen table and we packed it up to go to grandma’s house.
A few days later I get a call. “Do you have a freezer?” Now this is getting strange. Two calls in the same week. Two different people want to know if I have a freezer. Again, I say, “No I do not.” The reply was shocking. “I know, the Lord told me to bring over a freezer for you. Are you home?” I said, “No, I’m on the road. You can bring it in the garage.” And I gave them the code. I came home a few days later with a new six-foot tall freezer humming away in my garage.
Now stick with me, because it’s about to get really interesting.
Natalie and I get the meat back from grandma and fill our new freezer nearly full of meat. I mean this thing is packed. What a sight.Unknown-1
Meat belongs to the Father. He made it, He can do what He wants. And what He wants to do is multiply His provision.
A young lady at our church has four children, little provision and a lot of need. She needed a mattress. Natalie and I had a queen size in our garage and agreed that the Father wanted her to have this mattress. We packed it up, along with some other household goods and headed over to bless her. Natalie asked me, “What’s in that huge cooler?” I said, “Meat.”
We arrived at her single-wide in the rain and unloaded the mattress to an awaiting and empty bedroom. The queesize mattress was a welcome sight to the kids as all four of them began to jump on it in celebration.
I asked the mom, “Do you have any room in the freezer?” She laughed and said, “I’m not sure, see if you can find room.” When I opened the freezer I saw her humor. Only three ice-cube trays lay in an empty freezer.
I jammed a cooler full of meat into that freezer. Hamburger (lots of it) and some fine steaks.
My beloved friend who brought us the meat to begin with, calls again. “Brent, you got room for more?”, he said. “Of course I do. Bring it on over”, I said. Three times he did this. Three times he was obedient. Three more times, I was able to bless someone else and the freezer is still full.
The heart of the Father is to use His provision, not man’s (money).
I’m challenged by this tremendously. When I go and preach or teach now, I’m challenged to give what I do have. God has given each of us a supply that is overflowing. WHen we couple that supply with being obedient to give it away, it blesses the multitudes.
Back to the honorariums of money for a minute.
Money is simply a tool. It’s not your or my provision. It’s a very versatile tool that can open and close and mend and fix many situations. However, God’s currency is something that He gives value to. That family of five cannot eat paper money. And coined money is even harder to digest. I want to encourage you all to find the real God-given provisions in your life. Ask Him, who can I share this with. Be obedient. Deliver the meat.

Not only is my family provided for, it’s become this story.  It’s a blessing to share how God truly blesses those who diligently seek Him.  I expect your freezer to be full.  I see your faith now and it has grown and increased.  You are a son of the most High God.  He has provisions laid up for you.  Seek Him.  Let Him give unto you so it will be given.  Tell Him that you will distribute his blessings.  Let Jesus know you are ready to be a “BLESSING BROKER” a “BLESSING BUCHER”.

I see the Lord Himself when I open that freezer. He looks like prime rib, fillets, T-bones, hamburger, even rump-roasts. He is to me, truly a provider. He does supply all my needs. God Himself is reflected in a freezer full of meat.
To all of you with love,
-Brent & Natalie Engelman
“Blessing Broker”