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Learn How A Child Goes to Heaven and Sees in the Seer Realm


Brent Engelman here, with the New Bern School of Supernatural Ministry Online (NBSMO)

I was shooting the video series for you just the other day.  The lights were blinding and hot.  The set was a bit cramped and we were on our 8th take… then somehting amazing hit me.
The glory of God filled the room.  We were instantly reminded of how supernatural Jesus is.  He has big plans for the NBSSMO.
We all know sometimes we need help achieving our goals and kingdom-potential faster.I mean, sometimes, it’s just so FRUSTRATING to breakthrough to the next level of success in life, right?So I have this idea:


Can i personally help you get trained?

I’m blessed to be one of the most followed prophetic development trainers online, and also the founder of NBSSMO.But I used to really struggle to get up, stay focused and motivated, and achieve as fast as other people did (especially with any semblance of sanity and fulfillment!)Then I figured out some supernatural strategies… and the rest is history.


Unfortunately, I can’t help everyone one-on-one, and most can’t invest the tens of thousands to go to a full-time Ministry school.

So, I’d like to help you in a new way, a powerful way, and give you many of the same training tools and activations we give to our onsite students (and that I use in my own life, and ministry EVERY DAY).

If you’re willing to commit to your journey of Supernatural Equipping, here’s what I’d like to do for you RIGHT AWAY:

I will be sending you three powerful videos.  Here’s what’s inside each;
If you are interested in the NBSSMO you must Register yourself at today!!!  This way we can send you the videos.
  • In this video you will learn if NBSSMO is for you?
  • We will explore the current options to get trained in ministry.
  • You‘ll discover why we are limiting the school to ONLY 150 students, and why this is a huge benefit to you.
  • I’ve develped online ministry schools for over 4 years.  You‘re going to see why NBSSMO is the “best of the best” when it comes to ministry education and learning…
  • + why God gets all the glory and the Holy Spirit loves online schools.
  • Find out who the “guest teachers are”.  It’s a virtual “who’s who in the Supernatural”
VIDEO #2  In this video you will discover;
  • a FREE Lesson on the “Seer Realm.”
  • the difference between a Nahbi and Seer Prophet
  • the importance of the Seer Gift
  • How to “Look for Vision”
  • How a 3 year old boy goes to heaven every night and You can too!
  • How God created your imagination and “why?”
  • Biblical Safeguards into the Seer Realm
  • and 3 Simple Steps into the Seer Realm activation
  • FREE Homework assignment that will simply blow you away at the end.
VIDEO # 3 is the “Who, What, Where, Why, When and How” of NBSSMO
  • Disover how you can earn college credits
  • Unlock the enrollment window and be one of the 150 Limited Students
  • Graduate, and walk the isle with the other LIVE students here in Historic New Bern, NC.
  • Dicover how Weekly LIVE webinars are designed to bring the lessons to LIFE.
  • How you can be mentored by a 2nd year student.  Live One-on-One training!
  • Consideration for Ordination
  • Gain access to an exlusive FaceBook community of students from around the globe.
  • Attend classes LIVE in person
  • Discover How you can get FREE Tuition for your spouse!
  • What a guarantee!  100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  No fine print, no questions asked.
ps—and be ready for the next few days, when I begin to release the 3 Videos and we prepare to open the enrollment to you.
pss– we speak blessings and encouragement over you!  We can‘t wait to seeyou inside the NBSSMO.
Love your heart,
Brent Engelman & NBSSMO Team!
If you are interested in the NBSSMO you must Register yourself at today!!!
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Amazing Video of Todd Bentley Opening the Seer Realm

So you think tv is glamorous? 

I’m in my ’05 Honda Odyssey packed with lights, cameras, computers, monitors, note pads and a GPS all geared toward Morningstar Ministries.  The location is easy to find, it’s the old PTL campus of Jim Baker.  I had never been to the site before this day.

I pulled up to what looked like a thirty-story apartment/condo building that  had it’s better days.  It was vacant and a bit out of place.  I think that the PTL ministry had planned to have a retirement/condo villa that never was finished. Continue reading