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Discover How You Can Develop a Prophetic Community Today


The Prophetic Training Mission:
Those who study this page as they would a book they’ve purchased, will gain significant value from it.
I’ve provided so much of my time here free to experiment and learn the full potential of social media, and to lead by example). To “study this page” means to focus upon it, reflect on the posts you don’t understand easily… and follow the exercises given.
The page models how to turn your intentions into…

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How to Birth Prophetic Words You’ve Received

Being around the body of Christ, you will eventually encounter prophecy.  Or you should.  The key is what do you do with the prophetic words spoken to you?

Discover how those words come as seeds.  How do you grow them?

The parable of the sower is a great place to start.  Jesus is teaching on this subject of hearing “the Word”.  He explains; Continue reading


How to Train Your Child to Encounter Jesus – Godly Imagination & Visions


imagination-more-important-than-knowledgeWhile in prayer, the Lord gave me a vivid word and vision.  “Train up your son,” said the Lord.  I replied, “What should I train him for, Lord?”  My own thoughts began to see training Lance to be a good son.  “Should I train him to read the Word?” I thought.

In my mind I saw darkness.  And in the darkness came the letter “I”.  It hovered in the air and was like neon red light.  It was a-fire.  Then a few feet from the letter “I”, I saw the word “MAGI”.  I recalled the wise men that traveled to Jesus upon seeing the bright star.   The thought came to me, “Do I train Lance to be wise?”  I thought, “How can I train him to be wise?”

Next I saw the word “NATION”.  The reality of the vision became known to me when I thought in my mind, “Do you want me to train him to be wise and go to the nations, Lord?”  BOOM!  An explosion.  The words burst into flame and motion as they slammed together.  I saw the word… Continue reading