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Do you Overthink?

10550867_10152419828832562_7065955427754235781_n Like any “art” it can be beheld.  Unlike another’s art, your thinking can be changed, redrawn or even erased or thrown away, if you choose.  The greatest artist on thinking, Christ Jesus, wants to give you His thoughts. The Mind of Christ is available through the Holy Spirit.  Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your thinking today.  You will see the evidence of this new mind as your mouth moves with new words.  Out of the mouth flows the content of the heart and mind. Blessings to you this glorious day! Brent Engelman

Prophetic Training

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How to Grow in the Prophetic – 21 Ways By Brent Engelman

Is God truly looking for people that will listen for His voice?

I believe prophecy is a necessity for the Body of Christ and to the lost and dying world.  This is not a novelty.  We are learning the skill-set and practicing how to hear His voice.  The world searches for a people that are differentiated in one specific way, that they truly hear the voice of God.

This is validated through the prophetic and word of knowledge.  When you have a word of knowledge and you speak accurate prophecy or a word of knowledge to somebody, it opens up their heart.  I want to give you a quick example.

A young man, whom I’d never met before, was at a men’s prayer meeting.  I began to receive prophetic words for him.  The Lord was speaking intimately into my head and into my imagination—and I want to be clear on how that works.  As I began to ask the Lord what he was showing me, I saw a young woman in his life, a blonde-haired woman.   She had caused him much turmoil.  The Lord really wanted to set him free from this relationship.

It took all night for me to see the timing of the Lord and gain the courage from the Lord to actually speak this.  As I said to him, “the Lord is showing me this blond woman who has really caused turmoil in your life,” he began to weep. Continue reading

Say Yes and Everything Will Fall… Apart

When I said, “Yes” to God, I spent the next 18 months in rehab.

In late May 2010, I hear the voice of the Lord say, “Brent, this is the last time I will chose you. You can always say yes to me. This is the last time I will call you where you can fulfill your destiny, calling and purpose.”
I said, “yes.”

Deep down I knew everything was about to change. The following Monday, I lost my contracts (essentially being fired as a business owner). I have been self-employed since 1999. I had always told God, “when I make enough money, I will serve you.” That never happened. There is never enough money. Continue reading

God Will Shut Down Entire Airports for You

What a day. Drove up to Moravian Falls last night to do an interview. This is 5 hours from New Bern, just outside of Charlotte. We have myself, Natalie Everington EngelmanMelanie ThompsonLukas Allyn Wood and my two children in the care. When we get to Raleigh, I realize… I left my book bag. Which contains my iPad, Bible, speaking notes and important personal items. No worries right. Well I almost got sick.
So… Email Sam Buick the MacMan. He has all the techy gadgets and has an iPad with him. He says, “Just email me all the files. I will upload and format them for you on my iPad.” Praise God right?
We shoot an amazing interview with Larry Randolph last night and then proceed to drive the 1.5 hours to Charlotte to await my 9:30 am flight to Canada. Problem is… Continue reading

False Experiences Appearing Real

I took our family to Myrtle Beach this past week. The kids love the indoor watermark. The lazy river is my son, Lance’s, favorite. He’s about 42 inches tall, so the 3 ft water helps him feel comfortable. The arm floaty’s help too.
I kept asking him to go down the watersides with me. And he would refuse. All the other kids in the resort were enjoying them. Some even smaller than Lance.
It was then, I realized he had a fear. I asked, “Lance, why don’t you want to go down the watersides?” He hesitated and with a tremble said, “I’m scared daddy.”
I asked again, Continue reading

Bend our Heart, Melt the Steel

You’ll laugh at this…
I’m ministering on Sunday. I feel led to share testimony after testimony of those I’ve personally seen healed. I go on for about 25 minutes. I get a prophetic word for someone with shoulder pains. This 235lb football player comes limping up. I ask him, “What do you need prayer for?”
His shoulder is injured. We prayed. Then I get a word of knowledge for his ankle. He agrees that it too needs to be healed. Then he shocks me. He says, Continue reading

Declarations Over The Prophetic Training

The Prophetic Training has two declarations that the Lord has me speak constantly over it.
1. This is a Safe Place to get equipped and trained to hear the intimate voice of God.
2. There is NO punishment for Mistakes or Questions (even if the heart behind them is unkind).
I’m here to encourage you to grow in the gift of prophecy. This page is designed to engage you, challenge you, maybe even frustrate you a bit. That’s ok. We are called to Continue reading

God Looks Like a Freezer Full of Meat?

God looks like a Freezer full of Meat?
I minister locally and around the world (when invited). I never ask or make any prior financial arrangements. That’s between the Lord and those I’m ministering with.
You should be asking by now, “What does all that have to do with a freezer full of meat? And how are you going to show me that God looks like a freezer full of meat?” Well, good questions.
When I travel for ministry, I’m often honored with money or a “check”. This usually covers my cost to travel, eat, hotel and prayerfully a few dollars left over. It’s truly a blessing but Continue reading